The Habanero pepper is one of the easiest peppers to grow. They are also cheap to buy in bulk at the supermarket. After a record harvest, you may be wondering if you can freeze your habaneras to keep them for a long time.

In this article, we’ll show you how to properly freeze habanero peppers by following simple steps. In just a few easy steps, you can store peppers in the freezer for a year or more! Let’s get started.

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Freezing habanero chillies (in steps)

Freezing habaneros is easy. We recommend removing the stems and freezing them whole.

Whole chillies without stems


  1. Choose firm, ripe peppers. Always choose healthy habaneras to preserve. Discard peppers that show signs of mold, rot or other damage, or simply cut off the defective parts before freezing.
  2. Peel the peppers and dry them. Rinse the gabaniers well to remove all the dirt from the peppers. Some habanero peppers can be wrinkly, so make sure you get into all the crevices. Dry the peppers completely to prevent them from burning prematurely in the freezer.
  3. Remove the stalks (optional). Remove the sticks from the habaneros to save space in the freezer. You can keep them if you need them for presentations, etc.
  4. Fill the freezer bags with whole habaneras. Since habaneras are small and don’t take up much room inside each pepper, we recommend freezing them whole. If you prefer to slice them before freezing, read how to freeze sliced peppers below. This step prevents a build-up of pepper in the frozen brick.
  5. Remove air from the pads. Freezer blocks are designed so that no air can enter or leave the blocks. For long-term storage, remove as much air as possible before sealing the filled bags. We like to use an immersion technique: A full pot is big enough for a bag of habaneros with water. Close the bags almost completely, leaving a small space open for air to escape. The bag of habaneros must then be lowered into the water so that the water pressure forces the air out of the bag, after which the bags are sealed. Take out the bag and dry it to freeze it!
  6. Freeze the peppers for up to one year. Frozen foods can be kept for a long time, but we don’t want them to keep for more than a year, even under ideal conditions. Freezer burns easily penetrate even airtight freezer bags. If you want to keep your habaneras longer, consider using a vacuum cleaner.

That’s it! Freezing is the most common method of preserving fresh pepper plants. It works for all types of peppers, but habaneros are particularly easy to prepare because they don’t even need to be sliced.

Cut the habanero before freezing

If you prefer to slice the peppers, or if you have larger peppers to freeze, you can also freeze them. This is a simple method that prevents slices from sticking together when in the freezer.

To make the flash cast, place the pre-cut peppers in a single layer on a baking sheet. Try not to let the pepper pieces touch each other, if they do, that’s fine.

Let the slices freeze for about 1 hour, maybe a little longer if they are very thick. The goal is to get a firm texture, so press the slices together to check.

Once the pepper slices are frozen, they can be wrapped in the freezer (step 4 above)!

Can I freeze whole habaneros?

As the above steps show, freezing habaneros is generally preferred as a preservation method. This makes canning fresh peppers super easy!

The reason we recommend freezing whole habaneros is twofold. For example, peppers are so small that they don’t save much space in freezer bags when sliced (unlike bell peppers, for example).

Second, cutting habanero releases capsaicin-filled juices, often resulting in hands full of chili pepper – no fun! If you want to slice your peppers before freezing them, or if your peppers are already sliced, you must freeze them first. See above.

What is the shelf life of frozen habanero peppers?

You may be wondering how long your frozen peppers will keep. The freezer significantly inhibits microbial activity, preventing the growth of mold and bacteria.

Simply put: Habanero peppers will stay good for about a year if stored properly in the freezer. Freezing habaneros and other peppers is the easiest way to guarantee a fresh harvest all year round.

If you remove some of the peppers from the bag for use, be sure to remove the air from the bag to prevent freezer burn. Freezer burn occurs when condensation forms in the bags, causing ice to form on your food.

If you want to keep frozen habaneras for a long time, we recommend using a vacuum cleaner. These devices are manufactured to remove almost all air from special thick polyethylene bags. If you store habaneros in a vacuum bag, they will probably keep for over a year.

How to thaw frozen habanero’s?

If you plan to use the peppers in a ready-made dish, I recommend preparing the habaneros directly from the freezer (without thawing them). However, if you are going to use them to make homemade hot sauce, salsa, guacamole or other fresh produce, let them thaw first.

In short, thaw frozen habaneros at room temperature on a ceramic plate. Peppers can release moisture as they thaw, so pat them dry once they are at room temperature.

Unfortunately, peppers lose their firm texture when frozen. The fresh habaneros will be soft, almost crunchy. However, thawed habaneros become almost pasty, which is why they are preferably used for sauces.

Frozen hot peppers are used almost exclusively to make hot sauce at home. When we freeze peppers or poblanos, we almost always use them for roasting or other dishes. In this case, do not thaw the peppers before cooking.

Can I freeze sweet peppers with other foods?

You may be wondering if you can freeze peppers, just like other fresh produce such as onions, tomatoes or other garden produce.

In short, some vegetables freeze best after being blanched or briefly cooked in boiling water. Peppers and tomatoes are easy to freeze fresh because they don’t need to be blanched, but onions and many other vegetables do.

If you coordinate, you can certainly keep multiple products in one cooler, even if you have to bleach one product first! Be sure to research the specific foods you want to keep in the freezer along with your peppers.

More information here:

I hope this article has cleared up any confusion about freezing habanero peppers. Every summer the doors of our freezers are dedicated to frozen hot peppers, and they come to the rescue to keep things warm in the winter!


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frequently asked questions

How do you store habanero peppers in the freezer?

Frozen Habanero Peppers Frozen Habanero peppers are the easiest way to store them. Clean and dry them, then pack them in airtight bags or vacuum them if you want to keep them longer. Take them out of the freezer when you cook with them.

What is the best way to freeze fresh peppers?

Freezing sweet, mild or sweet peppers is a simple step : Remove stems, seeds and membranes; cut as desired and spread on the leaf so they don’t touch; freeze until firm, then place in a zippered freezer bag, squeezing out all the air, or in a vacuum bag.

How to store habanero chillies?

To maximize the shelf life of raw habanero peppers, store them in a paper bag in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. How long can raw habanero peppers be kept in the refrigerator? Habanero chillies generally keep for a good week in the fridge, if stored properly.

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