My first bite of chili spice sauce (original California style) as a salt flavor – and I’m not crazy about it! It really took me by surprise, as I am known to be addicted to salt. The flavor is more complex than just sodium, with a wonderful smoky and peppery taste. But what about the sharpness of the pepper and the usefulness of something with that salty taste? Let’s get to the bottom of this and see what it’s all about.


The list of ingredients for hot pepper sauce is fairly simple, but leaves some room for interpretation: jalapeño puree (green chilies, salt, acetic acid), water, chilies, dehydrated garlic, spices, dehydrated onions, olive oil and xanthan gum.

Let’s start with the salt. It’s in jalapeño pepper puree, but it’s probably also on the “spices” list. And it’s a pretty significant amount: 160 mg per serving, or 7% of your daily allowance. That’s a lot for hot sauce. And that’s why you get the saltiness as soon as the pepper hot sauce plant hits your tongue. For those of you who watch your sodium intake, this should be on your list of forbidden foods. And even for those who don’t, you should be careful not to add more salt to your food once you’ve added the Pepper Hot Sauce Plant. You probably don’t need it, and it can spoil the flavor of your food.

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But this is quickly overcome by the jalapeño puree, which gives it a nice tangy flavor (thanks to the acetic acid). As for the spicy side, I wouldn’t say it’s a vinegar sauce. Honestly, it’s more a matter of being ahead of the salt. Spice is part of the flavor journey and not the predominant flavor.

The dried garlic and onion in the red pepper vegetable sauce also stand out, providing an earthy spiciness that goes well with the smoky flavor that permeates the sauce (which I think comes from the generic term “chili” in the ingredient list).

Heat balance

Looking for a sauce that can spice up a meal for the whole family? Pepper Plant is a winner. Are you looking for great heat, regardless of the impact on flavor? Look away. Pepper Plant doesn’t list the Scoville heat units, but it’s fair to say it’s a moderately mild sauce with the kind of heat that anyone can compete with. Compared to the spiciness of fresh chili peppers (1000 to 1500 Scoville units), it is more like the spiciness of fresh peppers than the spiciness of jalapenos (2500 to 8000 Scoville units).

By the way, it doesn’t last long. The sharp taste hits your tongue for a few seconds and then disappears before you know it. It’s not a strong pepper shot, but the saltiness and smokiness are a little stronger than the sharpness, in my opinion. So it’s a little unpleasant, but very nice and homey.


So is a sauce with so much sodium healthy? If you forgo the extra salt, it is very useful. It can really spice up any bland meal. This smoky, peppery flavor (with garlic and onions) is like a liquid form of the perfect spice mix. It’s a sauce that needs nothing else – it brings everything you could ever need in a bottle.

It’s a real puzzle for eggs and all fish dishes. And on tacos and other Mexican dishes. It’s also a great addition to chili and soups. Just think of this sauce as a condiment and you’ll be pleased with the results.

Pepper Plant Original California Style is also slightly thicker, which makes it just as good as a marinade.


The style of the font and the single image on the label give the bottle an intimate look. It complements the intimate flavor of the bottle. The pictures show two people cooking in a kettle. It’s simple but effective – you wonder what’s good about it.

The police themselves are actually what set it apart on the shelf among other hot sauces. It seems a bit old-fashioned in style, but not in a bad way. On the contrary, it is welcoming, as if it had been bottled at the end of the street at a local farm.

The score

Pepper Plant Hot Sauce (Original California Style) is a delicious, salty and smoky sauce. It is a type of hot sauce that acts more like a seasoning blend, bringing the most flavorful dish to life. But don’t go overboard with the extra salt and spices! In this case, you don’t have to. (Amazon)

General taste 4
Heat balance 3.5
User-friendly 4.5
Collectability 4
X-Factor 4

On a scale of 1 (lowest value) to 5 (highest value).

Frequently asked questions

What is the hottest sauce in the world?

The world’s hottest sauce is called Mad Dog 357 Plutonium No. 9 and is sold to 9 million Scoville Hot Sauce Units (SHU).

Where is the hot sauce made from the chili pepper?

The Pepper Plant line of sauces is produced by Blossom Valley Foods in Gilroy, California.

What are the best peppers for hot sauce?

Homemade hot sauce (fermented or pressure cooker recipe) | Holistic

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