best frozen pizza
We all make fresh meals here, but we won’t be home every night. On days when you don’t want to go out, when the delivery takes forever and you don’t have an hour to do anything, the pizza is in the freezer, ready to be shipped. Here you will find an overview of the best and worst frozen pizzas that we have tested in our test kitchen for pizza cutters.

About frozen pizza

Frozen pizza is superior to most frozen meals because it can turn brown when baked in the oven and not in the microwave. If everything is set up so that your oven removes enough moisture (usually at the bottom, less at the top), your pizza will be warmed up so that the reaction of the mayonnaise creates delicious new flavors that we associate with brown food.

It’s a smart move by a food engineer to make a frozen pizza. The idea goes back to Joseph Butchie’s patented process in the early 1950s, whereby the frozen, lightning fast crust is covered with an edible seal so that the moist sauce and filling do not spit out the crust before baking. All pizza slices are slightly modified so that you get a quality pie straight out of the freezer.

How we rate pizzas.

Something to throw away when you rent a movie that doesn’t make you sad when you eat it. Even a sad movie should go hand in hand with a happy pizza. The Frechetta presented below was the highlight of our flavoured dough.

crispy pizza

the best traditional pizza base

The crust must be structured and tasty, with sufficient firmness to hold the pizza by hand and feed it well by hand. The sauce must have real flavors, including flavors that are really reminiscent of tomatoes and green vegetables. The additions must have a distinct flavour as required and a suitable texture that is beneficial to the pizza. The cheese must be tasty, sticky and abundant.

It goes without saying that we evaluate them against other frozen pizzas. Even the biggest frozen pie in the world will never be as crispy as a freshly baked pizza.

Best (and worst) Frozen Pizza

1. Supreme Freschetta – ★CC8

Freschetta Frozen Pizza Supreme
The Freschetta has a very good crust which extends beyond the frozen pizza, even though it is a little boggy in the middle. The last pieces were beautiful, with a good taste of freshly baked yeast and a good crispness. The sauce is delicious, with a high tomato content and some spices. The meat here was particularly tasty, with a pleasant impurity. The vegetables were good, but mostly only the stuffing. Cheese is everything I wanted from frozen pizza: fragrant and sticky, everything fits together.

Freschetta Supreme Pizza cooked according to recipe

The Frechetta is the best frozen pizza made from our dough. Last time I went into the store, I put something in the freezer.

2. Newman Vegetable growing – ★

Newman's Garden Frozen Pizza

Newman’s Own has a multigrain crust, but the taste does not differ from the usual crust. He was a very good cook, with good chewing gum and a bit of charm. The sauce is light and full of tomato flavour. Additives aren’t just frozen pizzas, they’re really good. The mushrooms are great. The cheese tastes good, but the texture is more brittle than sticky, like parmesan or mozzarella sprinkled.

Newman's Pizza Vegetable harvest

It’s a good frozen pizza. Well done, Paul Newman’s heirs.

3. Simple truth Italian vegetarian style – ★ ★ ★ ★ ¢

Frozen simple truth Vegetarian Italian Pizza
Thin, cracked simple truth crust It is crispy and has no problem, but it does not have much substance or taste. The sauce is pretty good, with a little balsamic vinegar. The tomatoes were excellent and I wanted to explore cherry tomatoes like pizza in better conditions. The zucchini is good, which is a real journey of confidence, because the taste of zucchini is thin. The rest of the vegetables are barely distinguishable. The cheese is pretty weak. There are two kinds of advertising in the box, but I try about half of them.

Pizza Simple truth Vegetarian Italian style pizza

All in all, the simple truth was pretty good. It has a characteristic taste and tries to create something unique. If the cheese was better, it would be a great success.

4. Upper digiorno – ★ ★ ★ ☆

Digiorno Supreme frozen pizza
Digiorno crust was good. It’s a bit insignificant and a bit short. There’s no gum or weight. The sauce has some interesting depths, but they are all overloaded with sugar, which dominates the non-tomatose notes of flavor. All the jewelry was beautiful, but not memorable. The peppers were particularly sweet and fine. The cheese has done its best to make up for lost time with excellent taste, texture and quantity.

Fried Pizza Giorno Superior

The DiGiorno was a reasonable pizza, but only the cheese was excellent.

5. Kroger Supreme Car Breeding – ★ ☆

Kroger Self Recovery Supreme Frozen Pizza
The crust is nice on the outside, but muscular in the middle, usually because it is too thick to bake well. The outer crust is good over its entire length, because it does not have to fight against the wet substances on the main body of the crust. The sauce is also very tasty, with a little spice and a deep tomato flavour that reminds me of tomato puree. The weak point is the jewels: they are all a bit soft and meaningless. I don’t know if I can tell the difference between blindfolded onions and peppers. The cheese is spotted but delicious, with good chewing gum and an attractive appearance, which really enhances the overall texture.

Homemade Kroger Rising Supreme pizza made according to a special recipe

Kroger is a good pizza I like to eat on lazy nights.

6. Red Baron Supreme Stone crust furnace – ★

Red Baron Frozen Brick Crust Supreme Baked Pizza
Red Baron has a good crust on the bottom, but chews without much taste and texture. The sauce has one dimension: sweet. Delicious meat and delicious vegetables were the best assets of the Red Baron. The cheese was incredibly disappointing. It has no flavor and does not go into it. Plus or minus, you could say there’s hardly enough bad cheese.

Red Baron Brick Oven Crust Supreme Pizza, fried.

In fact, there’s nothing the Red Baron likes except jokes, and they’re not good enough to catch up on.

7. Tony’s Vertical Pizza – ★ ☆

Tony's Supreme Frozen Pizza
Crispy on the outside and a bit pasty on the inside, although the crust is super thin. The crust has no taste. The sauce is delicious, and you shouldn’t eat it or mark it. The sausage tastes like crust and the vegetables taste delicious. The peppers were pretty good and tasted almost like pizza. Where there’s cheese, it’s nothing if not too tasty, but it’s almost gone.

Tony's Supreme Pizza Cooking Pizza

Tony’s the basis for what you don’t like about frozen pizza. It tastes just like my college apartment.

8. Cauliflower Margarita – NOPE

Very good cauliflower crust Frozen Pizza Margherita
Cauliflower crust can be good in the hands of a careful cook. Not here! That crust was soft, it tasted like the soft crackers in the Ritz. The cheese alone was delicious, but everything else was terrible.

Very nice cauliflower crust Margherita, baked pizza.

Even the dog looked at us with horror when he smelled that shit.

There are real losers here, including me, because I ate eight pieces of pizza. It’s not that I’m against it, I just want it to be a better pizza. But a Frechetta is a gem. I enjoyed eating the last crust of the specimen. There was also some good stuff in The Newman’s Own, and I’d like to try some more pizzas. Take a few and let us know what you think, or tell us what’s in the freezer near you. Because I’m full.


Frechetta is a frozen pizza that tastes like real pizza. That might be the best compliment you can give.

Freschetta Supreme frozen pizza

Newman’s Own offers vegetables with a deep taste and different textures. It’s a vegetable pizza worth eating.

Newman's Garden Frozen Pizza

How can you improve your frozen pizza?

If you can spend some time in the kitchen, you can bring a frozen pizza upstairs. Try some or all of these steps.

  • Baking in a pizza parlour. Most frozen pizzas indicate that they are baked on an open surface, but to make them better browned, the pizza comes in direct contact with the crust. Due to the porous character of a stone, unlike a hob, moisture can drain away from the lower part of the stone.
  • Add dried greens before cooking and then add fresh greens after cooking. The taste of the herbs does not seem to resist freezing, but a light sprinkling of dried oregano before cooking really brings the sauce to life. A few torn fennel seeds go well with sausage pizza. After cooking, add finer flavours such as fresh basil or onion sherry. Don’t exaggerate, or you won’t try anything else.
  • Add cheese! Many of these pizzas have bad and/or insufficient cheese. Sprinkle the chopped mozzarella with a little liquid to increase the flavour and texture. If your pizza has been in the oven for more than 15 minutes, it may be better to wait until the cheese is cooked to moisten it. Add half of your cheese to the baking process. A little grated Parmesan cheese is a good addition to any pizza.
  • Make your own jewelry. Buy a pizza with cheese and add your stuff. Remember that if a pizza with cheese and the highest price is worth the same, the cost of topping something must come from something, and it is usually cheese. Watch out for toppings that don’t take much time to prepare, such as pepperoni or pickled peppers.

Look again, because we will update this list as soon as we have a chance to recover from the last pizza session.

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