We have a problem with hot sauce.

We don’t see it as a problem. We can stop whenever we want!

The thing is, we’ve tried a lot of hot sauces. Our refrigerator has a whole door shelf dedicated to our hot sauce replacement collection. In addition, there are some kitchen cabinets filled with unopened bottles.

That’s why we decided today to make a list of the best hot sauces of 2020. We decided not to go in a certain order because some of the sauces on the list are super spicy and some are sweet and fragrant.

Best Hot Sauce 2020

We have determined the degree of spiciness, its use and an overview of the flavour profile of each hot sauce. Even if your favourite sauce is not on the list, remember that these are our favourites for 2020! Of course you can also share your favourite spicy sauces below.

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Carnival of Pocket Sauce

Spicy Carnival Sauce

  • It’s hot: It’s very hot.
  • Price: $$$.
  • consumption : Seafood, fresh salsa, cheese.

Gin or Karma sauce is known as the mad scientist of the kitchen. In his creations he often uses unique ingredients and flavours such as cherry or pumpkin oil.

Together with the hot carnival sauce, the spicy pepper is the star of the show. Scottish caps, dead and scorpion peppers made from ice, are very hot and tasty. This means that Carnival is not for the weak in the heart.

Add lime, spicy green mangoes and ginger and the result is absolutely delicious. The name of the sauce speaks for itself – it is a lively, vibrant and explosive taste experience. Carnival is fighting over Calvin’s favorite spicy sauce!

Dawson Original Hot

Dawson's Hot Sauce Review

  • It’s hot: Website
  • Price: $$$.
  • consumption : Cheese and crackers, salsa, pizza.

Dawson’s original hot sauce gives so many ingredients an incredible taste. The emphasis is on emphasizing the floral taste of the Habanero pepper.

Delicious fresh habaneros mixed with cane sugar, garlic, vinegar, salt and a hint of olive oil make this sauce sweet and timeless. We also love the elegant and unique packaging with an unusual wax seal.

Given the higher spiciness and strong taste, the price is easy to justify. Dawson also produces several other unique sauces in its range.

Los Calientes Rojo

Red Jalapeno of Los Calientes

  • It’s hot: Website
  • Price: $$$.
  • consumption : Grilled chicken, wings, everything.

Another miracle of karma sauce cuisine is Los Calientes Rojo. This sauce, named after Hot Ones, is a spicy tropical delight.

Special ingredients give life to this sauce such as Culantro (no spelling mistakes for coriander, as originally thought), apricot and tomato enillo. The result is excellent.

We’ve been going through a few bottles, and we’ve got backup on site. If you’re looking for a similar, less spicy flavor, try Original Los Calientes.

Seafire Hot & Spicy Sauce

SeaFire Gourmet Reaper Hot Sauce

  • It’s hot: Website
  • Price: $$$$
  • consumption : Pork, hamburgers, chips.

SeaFire Gourmet’s Reaper Hot Sauce is essentially a barbecue sauce for the fire. It is excellent as a dip sauce or as a sandwich topping.

The sauce is sweetened with well-known grill ingredients such as brown sugar, balsamic vinegar and honey. It’s also pretty spicy, because the second ingredient is Caroline Reaper.

This spicy sauce is the friend of all barbecue and grill lovers. She smokes, baby, and she licks her fingers good.

Bayan BBQ pirate flashlights

  • It’s hot: Mild
  • Price: $$$.
  • consumption : Lunch sandwiches, hot dogs…

Inspired by the true story of the pirates, the Pirate Lantern wants to make pure pirate gold in a bottle. We tried two of their sauces (see here) and we don’t have enough bajan-barbecue.

This hot sauce is best used as a substitute for mustard. The first ingredient is mustard, but there is also molasses, onions and tomato puree. Delicious sandwiches and hot dogs!

The heat is also relatively low, even for amateurs of non-spicy food, making it an excellent gift for an amateur chef.

Hot Hola sauce

Cholula Original Hot Sauce

  • It’s hot: Mild
  • Price: $.
  • consumption : Mexican food, pizza, chili con carne.

When it comes to shopping with hot sauce, Cholula is always our first choice. For just a few dollars you can buy this simple hot sauce from almost any retailer.

The soft, saturated texture is a delight, and the unique taste of pepper and vinegar on the front is addictive. In combination with a remarkable wooden stopper and an integrated crush lid, we always keep a bottle of Cholula at hand in our larder.

Not only delicious, but also fascinating with the history of hot sauce. To find out more about spicy cholera sauce, read our article here.

Heat of Pursuit No. 1 (Pineango)

Johnny Scoville pinango hot sauce

  • It’s hot: Moderately warm
  • Price: $$$$
  • consumption : Pizza, ice cream.

Johnny Scovill is known as the real Chilihead. He eats some of the hottest peppers in the world without missing a beat.

He’s now brought us his first hot sauce, known as CTH1 Pineango. As you may have guessed, it consists mainly of pineapple and mango. There’s also Caroline Reapers for the heat.

I’ve never had hot sauce that tastes more like candy than pinango. It is therefore addictive and ideal for desserts (such as ice cream). It’s definitely worth a try, even if the delivery is a bit expensive.

Number of Pepper North Stars

North Star Hot Pepper Sauce label.

  • It’s hot: Website
  • Price: $$$$
  • consumption : Grilled chicken, fresh salsa.

This sauce offers an excellent taste of a sweet maple cocktail. He also packs chili punch and scotch with crested pepper.

Pepper North, based abroad, started his business with a simple passion for growing peppers. The star-loving astronomer found all the right notes – a wonderfully soft texture and a respectable warmth. It’s a little too much, but the taste is strong enough to justify it.

The price is quite high, but a high spiciness means longer sauces. Read our full presentation here.

Apocalypse of the zombie-fakelon

Spicy Zombie Apocalypse Sauce 2

  • It’s hot: Website
  • Price: $$$.
  • Consumption: Mexican food, hummus, pasta.

Delicious, unintentionally healthy – that’s the slogan of the torchlight sauce. We can’t check if they’re healthy, but they’re certainly tasty.

Zombie Apocalypse should be the most popular spicy Crystaline sauce. The creamy texture, sweet carrots and fiery warmth are delicious.

We also love the unique artwork that the torchbearer uses for all his spicy sauces. They’re on the shelf and look a little nicer.

Dirty Tail Pepper sauce

Dirty Dick Sauce 2.

  • It’s hot: Medium
  • Price: $.
  • consumption : Cold pork, beans and rice, and a chicken weight.

If you don’t count the name Crassus, this sauce is exceptionally delicious. Raisins and bananas may seem strange at first glance, but the aromas blend perfectly to create a truly unique flavour.

If you don’t like sweet sauces, you might not be able to enjoy them. But if you do, you’ll go crazy! Because the heat level is not too high, you can enjoy it in large quantities. I can’t leave the bottle for more than a few weeks.

Read our full report on Dirty Dick.

Dragon blood Elixir Garlic Pepper

Assessment of sweet pepper and garlic

  • It’s hot: Medium
  • Price: $.
  • consumption : Best pizza sauce

Inspired by a CT scan, the dragon’s blood elixir of fresh pepperoni always brings out something new. Known in New England, Doug is a master of taste and warmth.

As the name suggests, garlic and peppers are in the list of ingredients, but they also contain peach puree and smoked Serrano.

We strongly recommend that you take a look at the ever-changing selection of special spicy sauces with dragon blood elixir here.

Cremini Habanero Dawson

  • It’s hot: Medium
  • Price: $$$.
  • consumption : White noodles, soups, burgers.

Dawson makes more elegant sauces. This creamy warm sauce based on mushrooms has a soft, velvety texture and a mushroom aroma and taste that make it a mushroom paradise.

This sauce is for mushroom lovers, so if you’re not a fan of the earthy flavor, go for it. But if you still like pasta and mushrooms, this spicy sauce will take these dishes to the next level.

With habaneros, balsamic vinegar and of course cremini, this decadent sauce stands out as something very special in our collection.

Tabasco Habanero Hot Sauce

Bottle of hot sauce Tabasco Habanero

  • It’s hot: Moderately warm
  • Price: $.
  • consumption : Mexican food, pizza, chili con carne.

Tabasco, another widely used hot sauce for grocery stores, produces a surprisingly wide variety of hot sauce flavors. The Original Hot Sauce is a real classic, but the Habanero Hot Sauce is a real taste bomb because of the extra spiciness.

I must say, this sauce has nothing to do with the original Tabasco brand of hot sauce. It contains various tropical ingredients such as mango, banana and papaya. They even use the original Tabasco as an ingredient.

This sauce is ideal for applying feverishly to sweet dishes to give them a sweet, spicy flavour. Read our full report on this spicy sauce here.

Queen Habanero and coffee

Queen Majesty Habanero and coffee

  • It’s hot: Medium
  • Price: $$$.
  • consumption : Tacos At Home

The Royal Majesty Hot Sauce, which is the pride of some of the finest works of art, is one of our favourites. The flavour combinations in all their sauces are unique and often seem wrong.

But it is. This red habanero and spicy black coffee sauce looks strange, but the taste is immediately pleasant and versatile. He does wonderful things with fresh homemade tacos.

We loved all the Queen of Majesty sauces we tried, so we strongly recommend you to try their Amazon 3 sample pack.

Mad Dog 357 Gold

Hot Sauce Crazy Dog 357 Golden 25 Years Issue

  • It’s hot: SUPERWATER
  • Price: $$$$
  • consumption : Anything you dare…

Officially the hottest sauce we’ve ever tasted, the Mad Dog 357 Gold Edition should be shocking. You know the sauce is serious when it’s accompanied by a fake ball (with a small tasting spoon hidden in it).

But the heat wasn’t the most amazing, it was the smell. Mad Dog managed to steam the taste of the pepper extract and even managed to make a good tasting sauce. It contains fresh onions and garlic, lime juice and of course super hot chilli.

The only problem is that the heat will discourage most people from using it more than once. However, if you know someone who loves peppers and super hot sauces, this would be a great gift.

Read our full presentation (and video tasting) in our article here.

Still haven’t found the best hot sauce for you? Check out the best tins of hot sauce by subscription – we’ll be happy to surprise you! It’s a great way to discover new favourite sauces every month.

You can also try your own hot sauce with fresh peppers from your garden or shop. Our simple habanero hot sauce will blow your mind!

I hope you enjoyed our 2020 hot sauce list. Tell us about the new sauces you’ve tasted and loved!

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