In terms of spiciness, the Habanero-Tabasco sauce lies between the original red of Tabasco and the Scorpio varieties. But what is the actual temperature? Is reaching the true heights of habit? And what’s the balance with the taste? Is it as versatile as other Tabasco cooking sauces? Or is it more specialized? Let us take a trip with Tabasco Habanero and tell you all the details.


Let’s start with a list of ingredients with as many keys to this spicy sauce: Brandy vinegar, habanero pepper, cane sugar, TABASCO brand pepper sauce (brandy vinegar, red pepper, salt), salt, mango puree, dried onions, banana puree, tomato puree, tamarind puree, papaya puree, spices, garlic, TABASCO brand pepper sauce (old pepper, salt).

This is quite a long time compared to the original red three-component sauce. In fact, it is very similar to the way they approached the scorpion of Tabasco, with an array of tropical fruit puree and spices – such as the Jamaican hot sauce. Whoever has this extra porridge changes the feeling in the mouth with Habanero Tabasco sauce from the beginning.

He doesn’t have a vinegar forehead that presses on his lips, but a sweet tasting pepper forehead. The warmth of the habano and the porridge beat you forward, then the sweetness of the fruit of this porridge jumps on you. The mango, banana and papaya puree combines very well with the natural fruit sweets of the Habanero pepper.

The onions in the sauce also make a nice earthy sound. And fortunately cane sugar is not too strong – it adds enough sweetness to balance the heat and doesn’t distract too much.

Tabasco Habanero sauce on a spoon

In general, this is a level of taste that will surprise you, especially if you expect something closer to the original Red Tabasco.

As for sodium: It’s not a sauce for those who want to limit their sodium intake. Tabasco Habanero contains 120 mg per teaspoon or 5% of your daily allowance. This percentage is very high compared to the original red colour (35 mg).

Heat balance

Habanero peppers are at the top of the real culinary chillies – from 100,000 to 350,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). This takes you into the world of super shots, which is too hot for most people except you (except your extreme eaters there!).

However, the Tabasco-Habanero sauce does not come close to the hab-potential. It comes with a 7000 SHU, which is pressed directly between the Original Tabasco Scorpion (2500 SHU) and the Tabasco Scorpion (7000 SHU). And of course it is much hotter than Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce (600 – 1200 SHU). This corresponds to the spiciness you feel when eating fresh jalapeno peppers (2500 to 8000 SHU).

So it’s moderately hot, but how do you test it when you eat? It touches the tongue quickly and with a slight delay, but does not cause a burning sensation in the throat. The fire heats you up just enough to give you a short break, but you’re right back in the game.

As far as the heat balance is concerned, it’s not a sauce that’s just to be hot; like I said, it has a lot of flavor. And the balance is almost perfect.

Ease of use

Tabasco is the king in the production of super hot sauces for daily use, and Tabasco Habanero is no exception. You can really use it for anything you want with a medium plan, but my favorite is pizza! This fruit site surprises with Hawaiian pizza (and by the way, any kind of Hawaiian pizza).

It can also be added to any rice or potato, adding the sweet flame of the sweet pepper, very different from the original Tabasco. On eggs it is certainly excellent (as Tabasco always does.) And it also works well, just like the marinade, you only have to take it off for a while because of traffic, but I dare say that the Jamaican flavor it offers is worth all the effort.

Tabasco Habanero is still a relatively thin sauce, so with the cork you can control the spiciness of the sauce. Still, you can do a few good caresses before you start sweating.

Collection capacity

If you are a Tabasco Superfan, Tabasco-Habanero sauce is definitely a must for your collection. But in fact, as mentioned above, the brand is best known as the everyday driver you can’t live without. This sauce does not have the same collector’s value as the Scorpion Tabasco sauce, the surprise of which is that it requires a super hot line cloned to focus more on a broad consumer base.

But we have to label it. It really has a striking red-yellow pop color that blends with the original red-white style. He’s here to make a difference, so you know: IT’S NOT ORIGINAL, IT’S A HEAT DIFFUSER!


Tabasco-Habanero sauce packs a stronger punch than the original red, with a delicious tropical, fire-sweet taste. If you’re looking for a Jamaican sauce for your daily commute, you can’t go wrong. (Amazon)

General Taste 4
Heat balance 4
Usability 4.5
Possibility of registration 3
X Factor 3.5

On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).

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