A rival to KFC in the war for the fried chicken sandwich gets the FFG treatment. Let’s see.

Here’s how KFC describes its new sandwich:

KFC’s new chicken sandwich is designed to satisfy even the most discerning chicken sandwich lover in every way, from the quarter-pound chicken breast, whole white meat, double bun, Extra Crispy™, freshly toasted, buttered brioche bun, to the thick, crunchy pickles and the perfect amount of real mayo or spicy colonel sauce. Each sandwich is prepared to order and is therefore always served hot. Fans of fried chicken have never tried a sandwich like this.

When we checked out the latest Wendy’s and McDonald’s crispy chicken sandwiches offerings, they were just fine. Fast food restaurants that don’t serve chicken may have mid-range sandwiches, but if your bread and butter is fried poultry, you’d better have a premium offering that reaches ankle-deep.

While the Chick-fil-a sat on his throne, KFC stepped up and offered a large, crispy brisket, a pickle so thick it had to be spelled with 3 C’s, and a sauce with both the original and spicy versions. The press release for the sandwich states that it is a gift from God to Mother Earth, and mentions that eight different cucumber starches and six different bakeries were used to create the best sandwich, with prototype rolls.

You’ll notice that everyone seems to be copying the Chick-fil-a approach, where the sandwich is presented in a heat-sealed bag. Although the KFC wasn’t folded very precisely, the sandwich looked immaculate inside.

It’s also worth noting that before we tried this sandwich, we had to go to several KFCs to buy it because the first sandwich we tried didn’t have a defrost rack. I was asked if two tapes would be enough, and I quickly left. It’s amazing that fast-food workers think people just want to eat, when in reality they are trying to evaluate and experience the product.

The sandwich turned out to be a behemoth when it came out of the bag. The chicken had the golden brown glow of a fresh roast. I have to admit that chicken is really a great friend, like a robust flavor that tickles your taste buds, and this sandwich brought that dream scenario. The large size of the chicken and the fact that it had no shape or appearance gave the sandwich a more upscale, restaurant-like look.

The cucumbers were round and thick, which was also necessary to support the chicken. These three cucumbers were so large in diameter that, stacked flat, they almost completely covered the bottom bun.

There was a large sauce stain on the top and bottom bun, much richer and more visible than on a McDonalds bun. I got the hot sauce, and it was pretty spicy. It seems that restaurants have realized that this hot sauce should be enough to get noticed. I would love to have this sauce to dip in my fries.

I should also note that the brioche bun used was very soft, filling and even fairly toasty. When you hold the bun in your hand, it’s a little flat, but I think that’s just because of the general texture of the bun that the fried chicken is in.

Overall, the KFC chicken sandwich was excellent. The extra crispy fried chicken was the best chicken I’ve ever had in a sandwich. It exuded flavor. The pickles and spicy sauce provided a dynamic element, and both were noticeable without straying too far from the chicken.

Although I’ve seen the least amount of advertising for this sandwich, it certainly ranks in the top tier of chicken, neck and back of the head sandwiches, perhaps even better than the standard Chick-fil-a sandwich. We can’t wait to try the papaya sandwich to complete our ranking.

KFC Chicken Sandwich: 8.5/10

KFC’s extra crispy double-sided brisket: 9/10

frequently asked questions

Is the famous KFC chicken sandwich good?

The famous KFC chicken sandwich was pretty good. The mayonnaise and cucumbers go well with it. The chicken was juicy and tasty. … And the instant chicken sandwich is pretty good because it’s really chicken.

How much is the new KFC chicken sandwich?

KFC’s new chicken sandwich debuts Thursday. A sandwich costs $3.99 a la carte or $6.99 for a combo meal with fries and a medium drink.

Which fast food restaurant has the best chicken sandwich?

the best chicken sandwiches

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