I am very happy about the warm weather and the arrival of spring.  With that comes Holi, one of my favorite festivals! Holi is a flower festival that takes place on the 28th. March is celebrated. I’ve just started the preparations! The house will soon be filled with sweet smells indicating that Holi is coming. Of course, it also allows me to spend more time in my favourite place in the house: the kitchen!

I love the holiday spirit! Holidays bring back a lot of fun memories from my childhood. As a child, I vividly remember the entire neighborhood being filled with excitement as the wonderful aromas of Holi wafted through the neighborhood. Of course we loved playing Holi and throwing colored powders at each other to celebrate! I remember my mother being very excited about Holi too.  She liked to make different appetizers because they were easy to share with friends and neighbors.

I plan to make sweet and savory snacks that will last until Holi. This year’s Holi celebration will be different because we still need to distance ourselves socially, even though most of our friends are perfectly vaccinated.  But I still love spending time with my friends and family!

Here are some of the dishes I plan to make to celebrate Holi:  Gujiya, Besan Ka Ladu, Methi matris, crispy Shakarpara (almond cookies), Besan Sev, Barfi Apple Coconut.  For a cold, refreshing drink, I plan to make Thandai (a special drink traditionally made for Holi).

Spring is almost here and we have so much to be thankful for!  Have fun!


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