After the success of Keith’s chicken sauce, the famous Keith Habbersberger returns with another sauce. Keith’s Burger Sauce is designed to be the perfect sauce for burgers and steaks.

The whale from The Try Guys has made a brand new sauce that is not too spicy. In this article we give you a complete overview and thoughts about Keith Burger sauce!

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Watch how we try!

It’s hot: 2/5 – Easy to handle for most.

The taste: 4/5 – Zingi and full character – thick black pepper.

value: 4/5 – Standard price for a natural hot sauce, handmade.

The total score: 4/5 – A unique and specially created addition to our collection of spicy sauces

Overview of hamburger sauce and taste

So, how’s Keith’s burger sauce? No wonder this sauce is powerful and spicy. It is full of familiar flavors known as a complement to hamburgers and red meat.

Horseradish, for example, was one of the first flavours to be tasted. It is not too strong, but easily has the most distinctive smell and taste.

Then we tried black pepper, the main ingredient to fill the hamburger well. Among these flavours, we tasted subtle notes of sun-dried tomatoes and light smoke.


  • Zingi-Uxus
  • Dick!
  • black pepper

How to use it…

  • Steak and pork
  • Salad dressing

Ingredients for Kates Burgersaus

Many of the main ingredients in this sauce are smoked. But we didn’t notice any intrusive smoke, and that’s a good thing. Smoked sauces can be excellent for burgers, but they can also be very controversial.

There are many possibilities for hamburger sauces, but we now have a special selection. Keith’s hamburger sauce is definitely for the intended use, and that makes it good!

Chinese Chicken vs. Burger sauce

How do Keith’s sauces relate to each other? This sauce is very different from Keith’s chicken sauce. First of all, it tastes less hot.

Chicken sauce is much more plant-based, while hamburger sauce is more vinegar-based. Chicken sauce has a basic taste similar to ranch sauce, while hamburger sauce tastes more like a spicy vinegar marinade.

To give our opinion: Keith’s burger sauce is better than Keith’s chicken sauce. It just has more character and contains some of the flavors that we personally enjoy most.

Libra Keats Burger Scoville

Because only Serrano and Jalapeno are used in this sauce, the heat is relatively mild. The aim was not to destroy people’s tastes, but to make the perfect complement to the hamburgers.

Although there are no official results, we assume that Keith’s burger sauce is probably between 5,000 and 10,000 SHU on the Scoville scale. That puts it in the same fork as Keith’s chicken sauce.

It’s a pleasant level of warmth for most connoisseurs, but it won’t make you run for milk.

Sequence and structure

One of the most amazing features of Keats burger sauce is its texture. You can tell right away it’s a little crispy!

We think it’s because of the figs, because the fig seeds have a crispy, crunchy texture. It could be a mustard seed, we’re not sure…

Keats Hamburger Sauce Order

Anyway, she’s definitely welcome in this sauce and makes it more pleasant.

When it comes to consistency, Keats Burger’s sauce is definitely on the slimming side. We think the vinegar content is quite high, given that it is the first ingredient.

Because it is not too sharp and is meant to rub over burgers, the finer texture is absolutely perfect. It just means you can get more out of it faster. With this taste, you always want a quick drink.

Where to buy hamburger sauce China

For 12 bucks you get Keith’s Burger sauce from Hitonist. We think he’ll be available there alone for the time being.

As mentioned before, this price is typical for a high quality hot sauce with completely natural ingredients. It’s worth it if you’re looking for a new burger topper or if you’re just a fan of the Try Guys.

Keats burgersauce with Serranos

We love the range of non-spicy sauces that Keith made especially for us, and we can’t wait to see what happens next!

What do you think’s gonna happen now? Keats’ pizza sauce?!

Feed our hot sauce gift!

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