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It’s time to confess: I didn’t have any meat bleach for this test kitchen. When I wanted to do something to make pork chops, I used the bottom of my 8-inch non-stick pan. Every time I thought maybe I should get a real meat punch, but then I’m done and forget it. I don’t want to spoil the review, but almost all of these products are better than the frying pan, especially when it comes to the way my pens wobble.

Now that I have some good powder, I realise how simple and versatile chicken chops can be. They are the key to a delicious and simple fried dinner. Cut the chops, remove the flour with a spoon, fry them in a pan with a little oil and prepare the sauce in the pan. It’s easy, but it takes half an hour to make a fantastic dinner. Read on and find out what a bag can do for you.

DETECTIVE: 8/20/2020

Choppers: What you need to know

broad assortment

How they work

Meat is difficult for many reasons. It can be difficult because it is very thin, because it is full of connective tissue or because the individual muscle fibres are large. The last key is here. Muscles that train well become bigger and produce stronger meat. These muscles are generally cheap, but at the same time aromatic. The purpose of peeling is to mechanically break down these large muscle fibres to produce a tender, tasty and cheap piece of meat.

Styles and instructions for use

There are different types of pork chops for different professions. Let’s go see her.


Flat pounds have more forklift trucks than meat forklift trucks, but they are in this province because they work in a very similar way. Several companies produce flat and nail-like rotating kilos.

The flat bag can damage the muscle fibres a little, but the most important task in the kitchen is to turn the meat into pork chops. The ground minced meat is cooked faster than the large piece of meat with no flaws because it has less space to warm up. The meat is also interrupted to give it a uniform thickness – the chicken breast, left alone, is often overcooked at the sharp end, but interrupted flat, all cooked at the same pace.

Comparison of flattened chicken breasts

Meeting the flesh is also the first step if you want to fill the flesh.


To use a flat stick, place the meat on a solid chopping board and start processing the meat from the middle to the middle. You scatter the meat, so when the bag goes down, you pull the meat towards you. As with a book, turn either your direction of traction or the cutting board to work evenly in all directions. Here is a short video with this technique, or you can watch our review video below.

If you want to insure yourself against writing a message or damaging delicate meat, moisten your hands, rub a little water on the meat and place it in a plastic freezer bag. Put it in your pocket, like you used to.

A flat iron can be a useful tool that can be used in the kitchen and for other purposes. Use your bag to break garlic, nut dishes or ice cream.


Shrink tips can often be found on the other side of your flat bag. The idea is that the cutting power of the thorns and the crushing hammer blow tear the muscle fibres from the hard meat.


The use of a picket pouch is in many ways similar to the use of a flat pouch, but you have to be much more careful not to tear the meat. Practice in the middle as with a flat bag, but instead of trying to get the meat out, go straight up and down with a nail bag. If you shoot with the hollowed-out spikes, you have a good chance of breaking. Turn the meat over and work on both sides.


The crane operators get to the heart of the matter. The whip stick will be attached to your desk. You put your meat on it and twist the handle. The ends of the rolls rotate and pull the meat through. The fibres of the meat are cut with spikes and crushed between the rollers. These things work fast and really chew meat. They are very popular with hunters who really want to draw a song in a difficult game.

sporty to steak grill sporty had more fun with the application, less with cleaning.


To use it, you must first cut the meat to form it. Ask your management what the limitations are and respect them. Too thick and the meat doesn’t go through; too thin and the sandwiches are not fully occupied. You also need to be a little narrower than a hole so that the flesh has room to spread. Once the meat is in shape, place it on a line from the top, turn the handle over and admire it. Careful with the fingers, they’re also made of meat.


Needle cords cut rust or crank pressure in favour of cutting sets. These units have many blades on the spring arm. When pressed, these knives make dozens of small cuts and tear these thick muscle fibers.

Repellent for steak leaves


To use an acupuncture point, start in the center and practice. Start with the meat on a stable chopping board, aim the wrestler’s foot on the meat and press firmly. Allow the spring to return the blades to a neutral position, then move them to the width of the strut and repeat the process. Once you’ve done all this, you can do it again on the other side or vertically if you want to bet again.

These items are generally not dishwasher safe. If you want to take a needle stretcher with you on a walk, you have to use it once per ride.

>> Access to my results and reviews.

Test kitchen

Consumption of chicken and steak

Chicken picata

To test the flat books, we made a chicken piccata. To do this, we tried to flatten enormous chicken breasts, which were about half a centimetre thick. We dug them out in flour and fried them flat in a little butter. After cooking all the meat we prepared the sauce in a pan with lemon, shallot and capers.

Those breasts were unnecessarily large. If I just wanted to eat well, I’d cut them in half first, then I’d cut the pork chops more reasonably. We decided not to do this in order to give these books a maximum chance.

Roasted rural beef steak

the hammers we used to make the chicken steak.

Anyone with spikes had a chance to make a rustic-looking steak. We started with a round roast with a beef base, cut it into thick slices ½ and then sprinkled them with flour. From there we met them with tenders for books/cannons. After a new extraction of the flour, we dug up another egg and flour before taking a short break. Then we fried them in oil. We missed the sauce because it came out terribly, out of lack of interest in really looking at the final product.

What we have estimated is.

Test information graphs

A good hammer/blower should be easy to use. The handle must be strong and comfortable and the device must operate with sufficient force.

I have to check what happens to my food. The purpose of this evaluation is to determine the extent to which I can direct the power of the instrument towards the goal it is supposed to achieve.

All this is very little compared to the fundamental question of whether it works. Has the right instrument been used to develop a suitable piece of beef?

Food safety comes first and they can take small pieces of raw meat with them. It’s very important that we can clean them. This evaluation shows how much work has been done to make them clean and safe.

Evaluation and best offer for meat

1. Norpro Meat Pounder #6211 – ★

Hammer box

Buying in the Amazon

The Norpro 6211 Meat Grinder is a flat meat grinder with an offset handle. It has a heavy disk with a handle that protrudes to the side, with enough vertical clearance to protect the ankles. The price of this instrument was approximately average for this group.

Easy to use – ★CC8

The pen is comfortable for me, but quite muscular. If you have small hands, you might not like the way you’re holding that thing. The length of the stem and the weight of the head ensure that it falls with a light swing like a ton of bricks. He takes care of the chicken lightly.

Control – ★CC8

My control over the punch with the Norpro is excellent – for a light hit on inspiration, for a strong hit at the end of the grip. The control of investments could be improved a little. To maintain your orientation, you need to relax a little, but that takes away the ability to determine your location.

Efficiency – ★★★★

It worked perfectly with the chicken and flattened it almost perfectly. Even those huge chicken breasts were spilled flat. It tasted like one of the best chickens we’ve ever had. Change the shape of your breasts to prepare them quickly and evenly.

Cleaning – ★★★★

Cleaning was a breeze. All this was cleaned up quickly and with a minimum of effort. One of the points to pay attention to when buying this bag: Exactly at the bottom, where the spindle meets the disc, there is a small inner corner that needs your special attention.

Total – ★★★★

It worked perfectly and was easy to use. We recommend it as the best value for flat books, although if you have small hands, you may want to try it first to make sure you get a good grip.

2. Jaccard Original Super Meat tender – 48 Knives #200348 – ★★★★

Jacquard leaf steak.

Buying in the Amazon

The Jaccard is a class 48 needle loader, arranged in three rows of 16 needles each. The costs are right in the middle of the sentence.

Easy to use – ★CC8

Looks like the worst tackle machine in the world, but it works like a champion. Unlike OXO, there is a protective housing instead of safety equipment, but the work is generally the same. You have to give him the same strength.

Control – ★★★★

Easy to position and easy to control depth. There’s nothing to say if it works.

Efficiency – ★★★★

That steak wasn’t as good as the OXO steak, but that could be a coincidence. Always super sweet and fragrant.

Cleaning – ★★★★

Like OXO, Jaccard must be put in the dishwasher, where it is washed well.

Total – ★★★★

Jacquard is extremely good at beating meat. I like it a little bit more than the OXO because it’s a little bigger, which makes it easier to handle.

3. Leifheit Pro Line Tender Meat #23014 – ★

Blanching chicken breasts

Buying in the Amazon

The Leifheit is a combination of a flat bar and a tender with spikes and also has a vertical handle. The handle is screwed into the insert, flat on one side and pointed on the other. It was the most expensive instrument in the test, almost three times as expensive as the average.

Easy to use – ★★★★/★★★★

For both chicken and beef it was shocking how well it worked. I looked at him in amazement after a few strokes. I had to take the Norpro Grip-EZ on the chicken to compare the weight in my hands. They are very close to the same weight, but the Leifheit works much better. Every move is more rewarding, and I can’t explain why. When working with beef on the side of the tip, the tips penetrate well and do not clog at all. At first I was afraid that a good extension would catch my finger on the tip, but a well thought out pen kept my little finger clean.

Control – ★★★★/★★★★★

Vertical chisels are best for control, and it goes down exactly where I wanted it, with the right force and angle.

Efficiency – ★/★

Leifheit did an incredible job with the chicken and made sure the chicken fillet was nice and regular, which we found very good. Even beating the meat pays off in the cooking process. The beef wasn’t so good. Although the thorns penetrated well into the meat, the beef was rather tender. It took cheap meat to achieve an acceptable ratio, but not better.

Cleaning – ★ ★C8

This tool was fairly easy to clean, even with highly visible tips. The two places to pay attention when purchasing this rod are the wire and the seal. Threads are inevitable on a bag of this type, but the seal is surprisingly overlooked on something so expensive. Between the handle and the plate there is a plastic seal, which looks very lost and broken and is difficult to clean. I was expecting something better for the money.

Total – ★C1

This thing worked very well as a flat bag and very well as a tendon sheath support with a nail. The only reason this is not the number one recommendation of this test kitchen is the price. You can buy our most expensive flat punch (NorPro 6211) and our most expensive tender (Jaccard), and you have enough space to buy 8 types of meat. That’s fine, but it doesn’t justify the cost.

4. OXO Good pliers blade for soft meat #1269580 – ★

Cut the steak with an oxo knife.

Buying in the Amazon

The OXO Good Grips Knife Hammer is a meat tenderizer with 50 knives and five rows of ten knives each. The costs in this district are average.

Easy to use – ★CC8

Open the lock, place it on the steak and press it firmly. When I used to look at that thing at work, I used to laugh. It works so well. You have to give him some energy to move, but he’s doing a really good job.

Control – ★★★★

Exactly where you want it. Operation is simple and safe.

Efficiency – ★★★★

The result is the best steak we’ve ever had. It was super sweet and super fragrant.

Cleaning – ★★★★

It can be washed in the dishwasher, which is good because you can’t really clean the inner rows of knives by hand. The hull is removed for complete cleaning, which is very good.

Total – ★★★★

The NRA is great. If you want a rustic fried steak, you should get it, or the next one. I bend over a bit because it’s quite small, so it takes more blows than Jacquart.

5. Norpro Grip-EZ Meathead #7033 – ★

Chicken breast puree

Buying in the Amazon

The Norpro Grip EZ is a flat meat bar that works vertically. It has a smooth heavy plate with a handle that is clamped exactly in the middle. His price fell in the middle of a robbery.

Easy to use – ★

When I started tapping chicken breasts, I liked how it felt in my hand. The handle is comfortable and provides a secure grip. The downside of the medal is that I had to put all my strength into it. It’s got weight, and it’s sinking with force, but you really need to work on flattening the chicken breast.

Control – ★★★★

The advantage of a vertical bar is the incredible control. I wasn’t afraid to hit that thing next to my other hand. You also have very precise control over the power of your blows, because it is as strong as your fist.

Efficacy – ★ ★

The Norpro Grip-EZ did great on a giant chicken breast. Eventually there came a time when I just couldn’t put enough force to remove the high spot in the middle of my chest.

Cleaning – ★★★★

The cleaning was a surprise. The smooth surface of the floor is cleaned immediately with a small amount of warm water and there are no hard to clean areas where unpleasant feelings can accumulate.

Total – ★C1

In general, the Norpro Grip-EZ is a reasonable choice. The price is good, and she’s doing her job. If you like vertical beams, this is your best value.

6. Kitchen accessories for delicatessen items #KO119OHOBA – ★ ★

Nate tears his chest with his colon.

Buying in the Amazon

The KitchenAid Gourmet Meat Tenderizer is a hammershaped device with a flat and bumpy surface. It is bound in the dough as one of the cheapest.

Easy to use – ★/★

The first big surprise when buying KitchenAid was to see how badly the pen was in poor condition. It was much thicker than any other hammer and he placed the thick side of the handle on the first joint of his fingers and the thin side on the palm of his hand. It was much more comfortable to keep your head parallel to the table.

Even for a hammer, it’s on the light side. So it took a lot of strength to kick a chicken breast. The side of the thorns was slightly better, and the thorns penetrated well into the flesh. They also remained relatively clean throughout the process.

Control unit – ★/★

Apart from the clumsy grip, it was easy to get the hammer where I wanted it. This handle has sometimes removed the corners a little, so that the edges can sink a little into the meat.

Efficiency – ★/★

The chicken chop did well. The flat side is not completely flat, which makes the final product a bit uneven. The hammer is also too light to get a good kick, which didn’t help against those monstrous breasts. The beef was also reasonable. The thorns on the blunt side were big enough to break the flesh a bit, but not enough.

Cleaning – ★ ★C8

The cleaning was windy everywhere, with the exception of the nail hammer, which required additional cleaning work. I caught my eye on the rod where the plastic meets the metal, but otherwise it’s good for cleaning.

Total – ★ ★ ¢

KitchenAid is good, but not better. Probably the best feature is the price. If it was better, I’d call it our value choice, but the results are just wrong.

7. Athlete SM07492 Beater / Cubes – ★

A dirty jock smokes a steak.

Buying in the Amazon

The athlete is a crank bid with an average price for this municipality. Compared to other crank tenders, which can be very expensive, it is quite cheap.

Easy to use – ★CC8

The athlete leans on the edge of the table. We put the meat on it, turned the handle, and that block flew off. The only problem is determining the size of the input cossettes. They have to be the right size and width to fit in the machine, and the width is not clear because the chops expand when crushed.

Control system – ★

There’s no control. You just get what the athlete has, that’s all. If that’s what you want, fine, if not…

Effectiveness – ★CC8

Well, it certainly made the meat more tender. The finished steak was the most tender of them all. Rare: The athlete cut the meat. What comes out tastes like steak, only fried.

Cleaning – ★

What a nightmare! There are tons of parts in this thing, you put meat in it, and you can’t take anything out of it for cleaning or put it in the dishwasher. When two people came together to move the handle while spraying the rollers, we reached an acceptable level of cleanliness. Maybe.

Total – ★

Overall, the athlete has done a different kind of work than the other bidders in this test. If you turn a piece of hard meat into something that has nothing to do with the original taste, this thing does it. Something else, and you should get something else.

8. Boiled tender meat in spring – ★

The spring kitchen

Buying in the Amazon

The Spring Chef meat tenderizer is a hammer shaped tool with a flat, ribbed side. It was one of the cheap units in our robbery.

Easy to use – ★/★

The handle is comfortable and easy to handle, but it is the only really strong feature. The whole hammer is pretty light, so all the effect comes from your swing. Using the flat side of the bag there had to be a serious protest about the chicken breast to do something. The thorns are quite sharp, but not particularly conspicuous. They infiltrated the meat well, but we had a problem when the peaks started to fill with meat. They lost their effectiveness and had to be cleaned to make this hammer work.

Control – ★ ★/★ ★

The low weight of the hammer was a great help for control. I could have put it exactly where I wanted it, but the only problem was that I couldn’t get a really strong hit.

Efficiency – ★/★★★★

We encountered a problem on the flat side with the edge design. The shape of the hammer is square with rounded corners and the edges are too steep. When beating with the flat side, the nearest edge digs into the meat and tears it instead of carefully removing it with the face. Add a light weight to Chef Spring and you have an unsatisfying piece of chicken. On the side of the peaks we have a rather tender piece of beef. Sharp spikes effectively destroy muscle fibers.

Cleaning – ★

Oh, it’s a cleaning problem. The first point is the meat already mentioned, which fills the thorns. It took a long time to remove the thorns from the face. A potentially bigger problem is the design of the place where the head touches the handle. The aluminium head is covered with a plastic cover and the interface between all the elements is a tangle of virtually unwashed cracks. Every time you use them, you have to work on a rag in all these difficult places.

Total – ★

Tender spring meat is a mixed bag. As good as a riveting hammer, but as bad as a flat bag. Add to that the cleaning problems and you have no reason to keep it, even if it’s cheap.

9. OXO Good Meat Specifications #11285000 – ★

with oxo on a chicken breast.

Buying in the Amazon

The OXO Good Grips meat tenderizer is a flat hammer and nail hammer. It was one of the cheapest units on our yard.

Easy to use – ★/★

Like almost all OXO products it has a good grip with a safe grip. Unfortunately, that’s all. He has a strangely angular head, which is very difficult to use. If you go down at right angles, only the closest edge touches what tears the flesh. You have to raise your hand and turn it into flesh to get a clean shot. Once you have a good chance, it works. There’s enough weight to get the job done. The side with the spikes is not good at all. Apart from the problem of the angles, the small teeth only fill with meat.

Control unit – ★/★

As I said in the previous paragraph, to get a clean shot, you have to raise your hand and turn it into flesh. This tilted head makes it as difficult as possible to put a pound where and how you want.

Efficiency – ★/★

After all this, is it a surprise to say it didn’t work out? The chicken was torn and severely flattened; the beef was not tender at all.

Cleaning – ★ ★C8

In any case, the cleaning was easy. Apart from the slight difficulty of removing the meat from the slightly pointed side, it is perfectly washed. The design is also easy to clean, without foreign stains that require extra effort.

Total – ★

Usually I tend to like the U.S.S.B.R., but they’re all wrong here. Don’t pull out the hammer.

What is the best offer?

After eating too much meat we always get mixed reviews.

Test winner Norpro #6211

finalist for best plate offer OXO offer

Best Leaf Winner Jaccard Tenderer

The best flat meat is the Norpro Meat Bag #6211, which can easily be used to make a first class chicken breast.

The best manned meat tenderizer is either the OXO Good Grips knife meat tenderizer or the Jaccard Original Super Super meat tenderizer. They both easily made a large fried steak.

We recommend a combined unit, because there are many, but not all of them measured. If it’s not about money and you really want a unit, then Leifheit is fine, but too expensive. I can’t recommend a price range either. Our winners are moderately appreciated and much better than cheap hammers.

Oh, one more thing. We can eat rare steaks without having to worry about food-borne diseases, because dangerous bacteria are beginning to spread outside the meat and make their way inside. The love of steak kills these bacteria when the inside doesn’t need it. If you use a nail hammer, especially a pendulum or needle hammer that actually penetrates the meat, this plan will not work. The shovels push the pieces of meat inwards and leave potentially harmful bacteria under the surface. To ensure safety, the meat must be prepared mechanically at an angle of no more than 160°, so be careful.

Take one or both of our winners. It’s your ticket to a light and delicious dinner in no time.

Other methods of transporting meat

Salt => Salt – Storing strong meat in salt for 12 to 24 hours can destroy the muscle fibres of the meat. Wash, dry and boil the meat in the salt. This meat is considered to be dried meat, which also prevents it from drying out during cooking or grilling.

=> Cooking on low heat – Cooking tightly sliced meat over a long period of time on low heat will shade the meat. Connective tissue, hard fibres, collagen – all this is destroyed during a long cooking process. The best results are obtained if you use a slow cooker, Dutch oven or smokehouse.

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