Want to learn a bit about the meat you’re eating, or how it’s treated before it gets to you? Then check out Honest Bison.

Grass-fed meat has become the new healthy meat of choice, because it’s better for you, better for the environment, and better for our future generations. But what about a company whose mission is making grass-fed meat better? That’s what Honest Bison has set out to do, and to show how they’re doing it we gave them a $50 promo code, which they are giving away to our readers.

Are you curious to know where you can buy 100% fed high quality bison, elk and deer meat?

Honest Bison specializes in delivering unprocessed, humanely raised, high quality meat directly to your door! Their ranches take a more holistic and honest approach to animal husbandry, with buffalo roaming free on the grassy pastures.

What sets Honest Bison apart from most other products is that all animals are humanely processed and undergo minimal processing, so the natural flavors and nutrients are present in every bite. Plus, it’s super convenient to fill the freezer without having to go to the grocery store!

Honest Bison began by producing 100% grass-fed bison, but now offers other quality meats such as elk and venison.

You can buy a variety of meats such as ribs, tomahawks, tenderloins, roasts, sausages, ground beef and even hot dogs. There are even kitchen boxes with different types of pieces, so you can try everything out while you’re at it!

With a discount code of 20% you can save a lot at Bison Meal!

All orders are subject to a $150 minimum order. Shipping costs vary by location and are free on orders over $250. Please note that the Free Bison promotion is only valid once for new customers and cannot be combined with other offers.

Delivery is easy and simple with Honest Bison!

My package of ground meat arrived frozen, well packed in dry ice, and I was very impressed with the coldness of the delivery. This is important because I live in Arizona where the temperatures can be extreme.

My family and I enjoy a good buffalo burger from time to time!

You can substitute ground beef for bison stuffing in most recipes, and bison burgers are very tasty. I especially like that the thinner fat layer makes the meat lean, but tender and light. It tastes slightly sweeter than beef and not at all like venison in my opinion.

For these burgers, I first seasoned them with a small amount of Bearded Butcher’s Original Seasoning – it’s a high-quality, sugar-free seasoning that I love!

Then I fried them on a grill pan over medium-high heat, a few minutes on each side. Bison are cooked faster. Therefore, it is important not to overcook this type of meat.

I used an Instant Pot and cooked them at about 140 degrees for medium/rare, then let them stand for 5 minutes.

Be sure to top the buffalo burger with all the keto toppings!

In my opinion, keto burgers without buns are just as hearty if the toppings aren’t bland. I topped my burger with lots of cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onions, two slices of bacon, pickles, mustard and Primal Kitchen ketchup. It is served on a salad that you can wrap it in. YUMMY!

All in all, it was a very hearty burger thanks to Honest Bison!

I loved the taste, as did my entire family. All of our burgers were juicy, tender, very tasty and hearty. I can’t wait to try it in other recipes like meatloaf and keto meatballs – so delicious! I’m also looking forward to exploring other meats, like the delicious bison steaks and roasts!

Honest Bison is clearly focused on quality, and I appreciate their unique approach to holistic grass-fed animal husbandry. I think you’ll like them too!

Try our keto burger with peanut butter and bacon!

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