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Too much criticism of kitchen utensils takes the tone that you absolutely must have the item in question (pizza scissors), otherwise your kitchen is missing something amazing.

It’s not one of those checks.

You can definitely cut a pizza with the chef’s usual knife and spend time with the pizza, and I would never suggest otherwise. I bet a pizza lady is a little better for this job and if you want to take the pizza out of the oven regularly, you’ll be grateful to have it at hand. They’re cheap and you’ll see they do more than cut pizza.

Take a look and see what you can add to your toolbox.

Pizza scissors Note

The problem with cutting pizzas with a chef’s knife is that the knife has to be muscular to perform the many different tasks. The thickness of the blade presses the soft tip of the pizza into the cut, damaging the tip of the pizza and leaving sticky cheese sticking to the side of the knife.

Quote of the company

It’s even worse if your edge is not in good condition and you have to cut through the crust to the end. This situation requires a thin knife that can slide through the pizza without breaking it. You may think of a sharp knife, but you need enough power to guide it through the hard crust remotely.

*Not part of our test cycle, but selected as a bonus choice for the most versatile and efficient pizza slicer.

Roller cutter

Roller Pizza is a classic pizza place. It consists of a thin, pointed wheel mounted on a central axle so that it can rotate freely, and a kind of handle so that you don’t have to cut in your hand.

To use the roll cutter, start with the flat side of the roll on the cutting board on the outside of the pizza and press it down with sufficient force to keep it on the board. Roll the wheel to the edge of the crust and continue without stopping. Make sure that you exert sufficient force on the wheel so that you do not leave a small layer of crust on the bottom that still binds the discs together. Remember that the center of the wheel has to go through the other side – don’t stop too early.

Roll shears are useful when you need to cut through something sticky. The larger the diameter of the wheel, the easier it is to keep a straight line. I use my sandwich cutter for the cake crust (cutting strips for the light grid), dough (the easiest way to cut ravioli) and cakes instead of pizza.

Wheels for rough terrain

The wheels wrap a lid around the top half of the wheel and place the hand directly on the center of the wheel for maximum power and control, as the hand is exactly where the cut is made. Wheels that are too large are more difficult to clean and usually have to be dismantled into different parts to clean both the wheel and the body.

Upper handlebars with kitsch on top

Compensating wheels

Swivel castors are more common, with the handle protruding backwards from the axle. These wheels are easier to handle, but not so easy to drive. Look for a crankshaft wheel that allows you to keep your hand at a natural angle without dragging your joints through the cake, and pay attention to the area between the wheel and your hand. It can be difficult to clean, so be sure to use a dishcloth.

curved pizza wheel with curved pizza wheel OXO


Unbelievable, huh?

Try it and you know a pair of scissors is very handy for cutting pizzas. They are very common in Italy, both for thin Neapolitan pizzas and thicker Al Taglio pizzas. The biggest advantage of scissors is that they are not affected at all by the hard crust on the underside. As long as you close the scissors completely, you always get a clean cut.

When buying a pizza cutter, look for something long enough to fit a pizza of the right size into the minimum number of slices. You need to clean them thoroughly, including the area around the hinge, so look for something that is easy to penetrate. Scissors, which are divided into two parts for cleaning, are best suited for this purpose.

Use of scissors with total dependence on pizza scissors


Remember when I said that the problem with a normal edge cutter is that you need strength at both ends of the blade? Go to the mezzanine. Literally translated, it is a half moon, a large curved cutting knife with handles at both ends. To use it, grab both handles and align the cut. Insert one end of the knife into the pizza, then scroll the bend until the other end has finished cutting. Mezzaluna isn’t just for pizzas: once you know how to use it, you can cut everything in no time (like a big pile of herbs).

Example of a Mezzaluna knife

Buying a mezzaluna is like buying a knife. Make sure you use a high quality material and a sharp edge that can be maintained. You need a good grip, so make sure the handles rest comfortably on your hands and that the angle between the handles is comfortable for your wrists. The Mezzaluna is big enough and I can guarantee it won’t fit in your knife block. So make sure you have a storage solution that protects the knife and your hands.


shown image


Some of our tests require us to make multiple recipes to test every aspect of the product line. Today we’re testing the pizza cutters, so there’s a test.

We have a pile of frozen pizzas that we bake according to the instructions on the packaging, then we try each one after leaving the pizza on the chopping board for a few minutes. If a pizza doesn’t look representative of the average crust, we will try these scissors on another pizza to make sure our results are correct.

As a bonus, we are also interested in frozen pizzas. Read on after checking the pizza cutters to see how we separate the good from the bad.

Eating frozen pizza We ate a lot of pizza – most of it was pretty bad, but the Freschetta gave us some good points.

What we were looking for is.

A good pizza cutter should cut the pizza completely with as little damage to the slices as possible. We don’t want the cheese and filling to be washed away and we don’t want to have to cut twice to get through the bottom layer of the rind. We want something that is easy to use and clean, without annoying stains. We also strive for a high-quality total construction, hoping to keep the scissors for a long time.

Here’s a surprise: All those pizza scissors did a good job. Each of them is reasonably suitable for cutting pizzas, so let’s look at the small differences between the good and the big. I wish I could say the same for frozen pizza.

1. OXO 4 inch pizza wheel with good grip – ★★★★

4 inch OXO Good Grips Pizza Cutters

Buying in the Amazon

OXO is a slack handlebar, and I like everything about it.

The first impression is the weight. It’s heavy on the wheel side, and this weight keeps it on the bark and in the crust. There is excellent damping / protection that places the weight exactly where it should be, so that the bike itself can ride with authority through a thick crust. The handle is comfortable and the tilt angle allows you to place your hand comfortably on the pizza.

Cleaning is very easy and I especially appreciate the space between the hand and the steering wheel, which is large enough to easily insert a cloth.

The quality of the building is excellent.

2. Kitchi Pizza Scissors – ★

Kitchi Kutchy Pizza Cutter (1)

Buying in the Amazon

Kitchy is the best of the additional two-wheel drives in our test program.

It has a rubber handle at the top of the case and a plastic protective cover that locks in the open or closed position around a sharp knife with a diameter of about 10 cm. Everything falls apart for cleaning: The manual part is folded up (what looks like a lock is actually a hinge), releasing the wheel and the protective cover (which is also folded up).

Kitchi was extremely efficient and user-friendly. The handle is comfortable and self-confident, and it’s as if the blade just grabs the crust and rolls through it.

All items can be washed in the dishwasher, but if you open them all, they are quite easy to wash by hand. I wish it wasn’t such a cleanup, but I’m glad there’s safety, so I don’t mind the extra work.

The design is well thought out and the quality of the meeting seems to be high.

3. Medove Mezzaluna – ★

Pizza knife Medove Mezzaluna

Buying in the Amazon

The thing worked so well that we had to try again on a thicker pizza to make sure it wasn’t an accident. This 12-inch mezzaluna even went through a thick pizza like nothing in a very clean cut. The handles have a completely natural look, with a good finger shape for a good grip. The blade is nice and sharp and comes in a flat storage box.

We visited the KoBzA in the hope of finding a mezzo-cutter that would give similar results without you having to keep it next to your cutting boards. Bad luck here, CoBza wasn’t so funny and efficient. To cover the same terrain as the Mezzaluna Medove, several cutting movements were required at the same time.

When it came to cleaning for Bear, it was as simple as possible because there was no food to hold on to. The use of Mezzaluna was the most fascinating part of the test.

4. Pizza scissors for addicts – ★★★★☆

Pizza scissors for addicts

Buying in the Amazon

There is this beautiful board game, Mousetrap, where you build a complex machine of dozens of pieces to catch your mouse opponent. Actually, the game sucks, but the car is unbelievably fun. This is the case with the Totally Addict scissors (the company is French and their English is somewhat dubious).

funny picture

The scissors are great, and the special little pizza on the side is nonsense. Luckily, just like in a game, you can just ignore it and focus on the right game.

Totally addicted scissors are long normal scissors with three rivets on one side and a small cake lifter on these rivets. The idea is to cut a piece with a cake server on the bottom and lift it up in one movement. It won’t work, but if you just take a piece of it, the scissors will work fine.

They even penetrate the thick crust, and because of the long knives only one cut is needed to reach the middle of the middle pizza.

The cleaning is relatively good, because the stupid rivets are clumsy and have roughness that requires extra cleaning.

5. CPS-104 Kitchen Handset Classic Pizza Wheel – ★ ★

Buy Cuisinart CPS-104 Classic Pizza Knife on Wheels

Buying in the Amazon

The Cuisinart is another adequate compensation wheel that does good things, but not quite right.

The wheel swings a little and cuts well, but not better. You have to be serious enough to get it through the hardness of the outer crust.

The handle was quite comfortable and put the hand in the right place, but the wavy wheel made it difficult to really stand up or follow the same line.

The kitchen combination has two cleaning problems: a narrow opening between the wheel and the protective cover and a narrow opening between the handle and the wheel. Both are thin enough to wrap a paper towel around the wheel itself.

It’s not great, but the RNAs are better in every way.

6. Zyliss Pizza Scissors – ★ ☆

Zyliss Ring Pizza Cutter

Buying in the Amazon

The Zyliss is a different steering wheel, but this steering wheel has a solid body instead of a rubber grip. The plastic cleaning box is divided into several parts, but the wheel likes to stay on one side, so that the rest remains intact.

Like Kitchy, Zyliss has hit the edge of the pizza without resistance, but I have to hit him on the handle a bit, which is not as confident as I would like. Cleaning was a bit of a problem, especially to attach a cloth to the back of the wheel, because it doesn’t come out of the suitcase easily. The alternative is to put on the glove and pull the wheel (which is the sharp edge) out of the mounting slot, after which it will be difficult to put it back in place.

Generally Zyliss works, but between the cleaning problem and the handle, I don’t like it. The quality of the meeting also falls short. The wheel wobbles a little and all connections are a little twisted.

7. Kitchen Aid Classic Pizza Wheel – ★ ★

KitchenAid Classic Pizza Cutter on wheels

Buying in the Amazon

KitchenAid is a shift wheel that shows the difference between OK and Right. The cutting was good, but the small diameter of the circle makes it difficult to cut a thick pizza.

Summer at a glance

The handle is too easy with the large protector, so you have to put your hand considerably higher to prevent the protector (and your joints) from damaging the top of the pizza. Most KitchenAids are easy to clean, but the space between the handle and the wheel is very narrow and difficult to clean. There is a free space to clean the inside of the wheel, but this does not help the inside of the hand.

Everything that has to do with cooking is almost true, and on many test cooking days that would be enough. But there are better ways for this raid to pass it out.

8. Pizza scissors – ★ ★

Scizza Pizza Scissors

Buying in the Amazon

Scizza tries to argue that you need special scissors to cut the pizza efficiently, but that’s not enough for me. Scizza has springy blades that click into place for storage, a deeply curved handle and a plastic base that protects the pizzeria from falling blades. Before use, open the trays, place the foot in a pan with the trays around the slices, and cut the slices down, repeat if necessary. A single function tool

It works, but I don’t like the leg. You have to put Scizza in a very specific position to work, and you have to use it in a way that makes me uncomfortable. The blades do not open wide enough and are not long enough to cut a whole slice in one go.

Moreover, cleaning is not easy. Many rooms are accessible and it is difficult to reach them close to the reference point.

Anyway, it’s not so bad, but Scizza is expensive and too specialized.

9. Pizza Scissors Ripple Chef 14 inches – ★ ★ ☆

Cooking in a 14-inch pizza cage.

Buying in the Amazon

After using Medove’s muzzle, Chief Chekred failed a little. Not exactly mezzaluna, this large oscillating knife looks like a (very) large bench scraper. Instead of vertical handles, there is a horizontal roll at the top.

She cut the pizza well (but not effortlessly), but it was difficult to place it properly. The handle was very safe when the knife was introduced in the pizzeria, but it is more difficult to stabilize the cutting unit.

Cleaning is very easy, unless you put something in the pen (which is not so difficult). Cleaning the inside of the stem is almost impossible. You can run water through it or maybe use a bottle brush, but with a diameter of 14 inches it is very difficult to do something in the middle. The blade has a plastic housing for storage.

If you add it all up, the Checkered Chef is good enough as a pizza, but doesn’t have the versatility of a bear. While it was clearly a figurative knife, the cook in the cage seems to have been stamped alone.

I’d stay away from this kind of trouble.

10. Shears for workpieces – ★

the most versatile winner

Buying in the Amazon

An unexpected challenger appears!

Originally we didn’t participate in this raid, but we threw away our favorite kitchen scissors to see what it would do to a pile of pizzas. The result was as good as we had hoped.

These scissors even cut through a hard crust (which is not surprising as it passes through the chicken bones) without causing any damage. The cleaning is done with a click, because the knives break and do not leave any hard cleaning marks. I wish they were a bit longer, but Messermeister scissors are perfect for cutting pizzas and for the whole kitchen.

Summer overview

In the world of pizza scissors, there is the shame of wealth. Your best choice doesn’t depend on which one works, but on the style you want and other things you want your pizza place to do. The best thing is this: whatever you choose, you get a pizza, and that’s a guaranteed profit.

Do you want a universal tool that also cuts pizzas?

Take the cutter’s scissors and you’ll be happy.

Stainless steel
Knifemaker Stainless steel scissors Buy from Amazon
Do you want a pizza and a pasta slice?

OXO and Kitchy will serve you well.

OXO Good Grip Pizza cutter 4 inch Buy OXO on Amazon
Buy Kitchi Kitchi on Amazon Buy Kitchi on Amazon
Do you want to feel like an asshole who mows grass?

Museluna Medove will be delivered to the extreme.

Buy the new elements of life Mezzaluna Pizza Knife
on Amazon

It says: Nathan Crane

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