AeroGarden was one of the first companies to make the hydroponic system available to all gardeners. Thanks to the attractive and affordable systems, everyone can grow fresh basil all year round directly in the kitchen.

We have been using our AeroGarden Harvest for over a year now and have had plenty of time to write a complete overview of AeroGarden. We will cover everything from installation to maintenance and cleaning, including natural plant growth.

We have grown several basilicas, as well as a small chilli (really fashionable). AeroGarden has some pros and cons, and we hope this article will help you make an informed purchase decision!

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Peppers from the air

Where to buy the AeroSad

In this article:

What is an AeroSad?

AeroGarden produces compact and versatile hydroponic (bottomless) gardening tools for ordinary gardeners and cooks. The different units are capable of growing herbs, fruits, vegetables and other plants with a single power outlet. They are ideal for easy and comfortable gardening and add an attractive worktop element to your kitchen or office.

It’s in the box:

  • Lighting system (different power)
  • Water tank
  • Seed capsules (different types of plants)
  • Wet domes
  • Plant nutrition (hydroponic nutrients)
  • Pump
  • Power cable
  • installation manual

Air unit for harvesting in the gardenNew air unit for harvesting in the garden.

The advantages of hydroponics are enormous. AeroGarden claims that plants grow 5 times faster, and we agree! The seeds germinated in just a few days, and the plants grew incredibly fast once they started germinating.

You start with the seed capsules, which are loaded with the seeds of your choice. You can choose herbs, salads, flowers or vegetables, although vegetables usually take up more space (we’ll come back to this later). The beans sink into a nutrient-rich aqueous solution (using added plant food) and the seeds germinate. The root system of the plant then grows directly into a pond where the nutrients are absorbed.

Airbrush CapsulesSeed capsules with moisture dome.

Each unit comes with a height-adjustable LED backlight. As the light doesn’t go very high, this was one of the limitations of our combine (maximum height of 12 inches). The pepper we’ve grown can certainly grow bigger and get more space. Instead, we have finished pruning the plants to prevent the leaves from coming into contact with the LEDs. But that doesn’t change the fact that we have a big pepper harvest!

If you only grow herbs, the intention is to harvest the plants while they are still growing. In other words, light height should not be a problem for commonly used plants.

The reservoir should be filled regularly as the plants use water. The more they grow, the more water they consume (a lot!).

Compressed air garden torch Compressed air garden torch, fully retractable.

Our experience with AeroGarden has been almost perfect, even though we had some minor problems during our first growth. Overall, our general feeling about this cultural system was positive.

Aerospace adaptation (with steps)

The construction of aerial gardens is very, very simple. If you have a raised bed in your garden, you know that gardening is not an easy task. Actually, it’s a tough job. With AeroGarden you follow the simple steps as described in the enclosed installation instructions and are on your way to healthy plants.

The unit comes with almost everything already assembled. Just select the plants you want to grow, add water and nutrients and connect multiple threads.

Setting up the aerosols :

To install your device for the first time, first choose a location for the device and then place the water basin firmly in the light. Then connect the pump cable (behind the unit) and the power supply.

Return of the crop with the aerosol

Then fill the reservoir with water up to the filling indicator and add nutrients according to the packaging (depending on the number of seed capsules, 1 to 2 capsules will be filled).

Air garden water tank Fill the air garden pipe.

Then insert the selected seed pods into the pod holes. Cover each capsule loosely with small moisture domes. They stay in place until the seeds germinate. Finally, connect the device and the light will come on. Keep the lamp in the low position until the plants grow a few centimetres away from the light.

There are several things you need to know:

  • Lighting timer. When first connected to the appliance, the light goes on immediately and remains on for 15 hours, after which it goes off for 9 hours. They come at the same time every day. We have decided that the light should be turned on early in the morning to mimic the natural sunlight. To change the time of day, press and hold the power button on the light for about 3 seconds until it flashes. Now it will be new in time.
  • Pump. There is a small air pump immersed in a bowl of water. This provides the roots of the plant with vital oxygen. It automatically turns on for 5 minutes and turns off for 25 minutes. You can test the pump by pressing the green button once. The pump makes a slight bubbling sound when it is started.
  • The water level. The water level will drop steadily. If the filling level falls below half of the tank, the indicator light comes on. But you have to try to move on before that happens. As the plants grow, the water level drops much faster, so pay close attention to this and add more if necessary!

Harvest buds in the garden Harvest buds in the garden Harvest buds in the garden

  • The crowd. Seed holes are only 2.5 to 3 centimetres apart. This leaves no room for the expansion of individual plants. For this reason, we recommend starting with half the power of the device in question.
  • Unused holes in the seed capsules. If you plan to use only part of the available seed holes, make sure that the remaining holes are closed. We used aluminium foil and tape to prevent leaves and other debris from falling into the water basin.

Germination in pods in the aerodynamic garden Seed coat with moisture dome and closed holes in the seed coat.

The on/off button of the lighting can also be used to temporarily switch the lighting of the device on or off. Pressing this button does not change the lighting plan.

Various models of antenna gardens

Although we collaborated with Harvest AeroGarden for this study, there are different models of AeroGarden to meet the different needs of the farmers. If you want to grow many different plants, you can choose one of the larger models.

Below you will find the different options of the AeroGarden assortment with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Air Steps ($76+)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah: Affordable, small area.

Contraindications : Light height limit at 10 inches, polarization design, hard to find.

With a light output of 10 W and a maximum height of only 10 inches, the Sprout is ideal for herbs or salads. With our large harvester we were confronted with the height problem. With this small device it would not be easy to grow peppers or tomatoes.

Aeroshare ($100+)

Plants of the air garden

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah: Economical, more spacious, lighter, simplified construction.

Delays: Large surface area, limited lighting height.

The original culture is 10.5 inches wide and 6 inches deep and fits comfortably on a standard counter top. We keep ours in our office (thanks to the fact that the cat chews the leaves), which gives the room the full spectrum of the long-awaited light as long as the light is on.

At 20 W, the light is powerful enough to grow up to 6 plants. However, we have grown 2 basil and 1 pepper to give the pepper enough space (which it absolutely needs).

The superior Harvest Elite series has a slim design (only 4.5 inches wide) and a digital display. It also combines high-quality appliances with an authentic stainless steel brush.

AeroGarden Bonus ($199+)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah: Lots of light for more vertical growth, large planting capacity (9 pods).

Delays: A big job (17 inches wide, 11 inches deep), bright light, my dear.

The most important improvement in the Bounty series is that the light can reach up to 24 inches high. This gives the plants much more space to grow and more yield from your plants. We also love the holiday mode, which is part of the Bounty AeroGardens range and keeps your plants happy while you’re away.

Airborne farm ($396+)

Are you looking for a semi-professional indoor hydroponic unit? Aerial Garden Farm might be the right choice for you. With 12 and 24 Pod units, these mini farms can give the family serious power.

Check availability on AeroGarden

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah: Much more space for plants, height adjustable lighting, stackable construction, Amazonas-Alexa connection, complete network.

Delays: The table top is no longer ready (depth 14 inches, minimum height 34 inches), bright backlight (60 W).

With a 60W LED backlight you can be sure that your plants will grow strong and healthy. The WiFi integration is also very convenient, so you can remotely control your garden with your phone.

If you want to grow larger fruit and vegetables, such as tomatoes, agriculture is ideal. They also come with a fence to support heavier and curly plant species.

The stackable structure also allows multiple farms to work together to produce enough food for the whole family.

What can I grow in a spray can?

What exactly can you grow on the spray can? Although we have only grown a variety of herbs and small peppers, we have seen many testimonies from people who grow other plants. Here you will find a list of the functions of your device.

Herbs and Letters

Grasses are probably the most common plants grown in aerial gardens. There is nothing better than to take a piece of fresh basil or thyme from AeroGarden and use it immediately. It never gets fresher. The Gourmet Herbal seed capsule set contains two seeds of basil, parsley, thyme, mint and dill.

Flywheels are also very productive in aerosols. The Heirloom Salad Greens seed set comes with an excellent selection of salads. Individual lettuce plants can be harvested several times before transplanting.


The next question that is asked again and again is whether it is possible to grow tomatoes in the aerosol. Although the answer is yes, we only recommend it for large premiums or companies that have much more attention. In addition, tomato plants become large and heavy and are likely to need support when they start to bear fruit.

If you plan to grow tomatoes in your block, be sure to choose smaller varieties such as grape and cherry tomatoes. The Heritage Red Cherry Tomato Seed Set contains many small aromatic varieties.


Pepper was of course an important factor for us (after all, for us). We cultivated a small variety of peppers and only had a small problem with the plant growth. With only 12 inches of vertical space, we had to prune the plant to prevent the LED leaves from burning.

As for the show, we ate dozens of little peppers, and they were delicious and very spicy! Overall, we are satisfied with the results we achieved with our AeroGarden pepper.

Air Garden PepperAir Garden Pepper Chilli Pepper Harvest.


Maybe you are also interested in growing flowers in your AeroSad. This is certainly possible with a range of cascade pods for petunia seeds and others. If you don’t want to eat your garden, why don’t you make it colourful, lush and fragrant?

AeroGarden will also promote the growth of healthy cells and other ornamental plants. Try your seeds!

Can fruit be grown in the aerospace industry?

Although you cannot grow apples and peaches, you can grow smaller fruits. These include strawberries, tomatoes and peppers (yes, technically they are all fruits). Other fruits tend to have larger plants or need to be climbed. Some have also managed to grow green beans.

Manual dusting in Aerosad

If you grow self-pollinating plants (e.g. peppers or tomatoes), you should pollinate the flowers manually with a cotton swab or fingertip. Because without bees and other pollinators your flowers cannot fertilize each other. That’s why you have to spread the pollen yourself in open colours. Don’t worry, it’s easy!

  • Identify open flowers. When your plant starts to flower, you will find an open flower.
  • Collect pollen from the flowers. Carefully clean the tip of your finger or a cotton swab in the open flower. You should see some white dust coming from the stamens of a flower. It’s pollen.
  • Spread the pollen over the flowers. Transfer the collected pollen to other open flowers by gently combing each pestle.
  • Repeat this regularly. Repeat the process every few days when new flowers open. This is important, because only pollinated flowers become fruit!

We have seen on the internet people growing strawberries, watermelons, cucumbers and many other things at their airports. All this requires some extra work, but if you like the conversation, try it (and let us know how it ends)!

Can you use your own seeds at an airport?

Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Air gardeners can easily use the Grow Anything kit, with which you can grow your own seeds. Just throw a few seeds in an empty sponge and let them germinate normally.

Or, as a cheaper alternative, try these no-brand replacement sponges. They are made of coconut and can be used with the old plastic seed capsules.

What should lead

If you are considering growing your own seed, there are a few things you should consider.

  • What is the normal growth pattern of a plant?
  • Does the factory need support?
  • Does it have to be dusted manually?
  • Usually the plant climbs (cucumbers, beans, etc.).

But don’t let that stop you! We love good experiences, so why not try growing watermelons or blueberries? You may have to be creative, but I’m sure you can if you’re determined!

General problems with AeroSad

We want to tell you there’s no problem with the unit, but that wouldn’t be fair. Our assessment of AeroGarden would not be complete without mentioning some of the shortcomings in the ownership.


The device tends to grow algae around the body of water. It’s a bit ugly, but perfectly safe and natural. Finally, algae are very common and grow when conditions are favourable. Keep it clean with a paper towel and carefully clean the unit between crops.

Problems with the air garden Algae and mud on the water.

In addition, the pollen, flowers and dripping leaves caused further confusion. When fruit plants produce flowers, the petals fall off and die over time. This meant regular cleaning around the spray cans.

Knives with turned blades

Another potential problem for pepper growers is the swelling. We’ve had a lot of problems with plant swelling in the past, so it can just be a problem of water and air circulation. Oedema is essentially a disturbance of water storage in plants, causing white crystalline cones on the leaves. It can also make the leaves permanent. All we can do is use a vibrating fan for better air circulation.

Curly leaves in the gardenAerial garden leavesPepper leaves with edema.

Falling flowers or no flowers

The last problem we have heard from other growers (but have not yet experienced) is the lack of flowering. This can happen if your plants get too much nitrogen. If you experience this problem, try switching to FoxFarm’s Tiger Bloom instead of the included plant nutrient. We used the Tiger Bloom and we had more colours than we could count!

Apart from these minor problems, everything has always worked as planned in our aerospace industry. The light was always on, the bubble pump always worked perfectly and the plants grew very fast. We just kept the water saturated and added nutrients every 14 days.

Cleaning and reuse of aerosols

If you have a healthy crop, you might want to start over with new plants. Finally, it is a pleasure to use the internal hydroponic system. Between the growth phases, the device must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the formation of bacteria and moulds in the water tank.

A complete cleaning guide can be found here on the AeroGarden help page.

Here are the basic steps:

  • If you have a dishwasher, simply place the mounting plate and the water pan on top of the basket and turn the dishwasher on. Dry the pieces, pick them up and start growing them.
  • If you do not have a dishwasher, use a solution of water and 1/4 glass of bleach to fill a bowl of water. Or you can only fill the tank with distilled vinegar. Connect the pump and let it move once and skip the solution. Pour in the bleach and fill the pump only with water so that it can circulate again. Pour again, rinse and dry completely.

Air garden roots The Pepper root system in the air garden.

Make sure that the filter of the pump (small black sieve) is not lost during cleaning! It is easy to make a mistake in the roots of the plant. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! You are ready to start your next AeroSad with confidence.

Aerospace overview (Conclusion)

We love our AeroSad. The ideal application for anyone who wants to grow fresh herbs directly in the kitchen all year round. He’s a great herbalist. But it’s also great fun to experiment with growing different foods (we can try Carolina Reapers or blueberries next time).

While we get a much better yield with our paprika plants in the countryside, we are surprised by the yield we get with our paprika plant. Despite the large size and the small total size of the plant, we still have dozens of delicious peppers.

If you want to surprise a garden lover with a gift, AeroGarden is an excellent option. I got this gift from my accomplice and I was very happy with it!

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