Mango raita or aam ka raita, a delicious Indian condiment or salad made with ripe mango, fresh yogurt or dahi and seasoned with Indian spices.


Mango raita or aam ka raita is a classic Indian yogurt made with spices, lettuce or flavor that is refreshing, nutritious and delicious. Mangoes are available from April to June, the hottest days in India. Most households prepare yogurt-based dishes that refresh and offer a respite from the stifling weather. There are many types of raita prepared with vegetables like cucumber, onion, tomato, carrot, beet, spinach and fruits like pineapple and mango. The raita is popular in Indian homes because of its probiotic properties, taste and ease of preparation of the yogurt. In fact, in most areas there is no kitchen.

Sweet mango raita is a gem among fruit raita recipes. There are two or three variations of the ripe mango raita recipe, and I publish here the version that is popular with me. I often do this because it means I spend less time in the kitchen preparing my own food. In less than 5 minutes you have delicious fruity treats in a bowl.

sweet mango raita

The preparation of mango in the North Indian style is easy, super fast and with a minimum of ingredients. The spices used to flavor raita include red pepper or cayenne powder, roasted cumin powder, chaat masala and black salt. Fresh mint or fresh coriander give the raita a tasty and colourful touch. I love the texture of mango mixed with the velvety texture of yogurt or grated cottage cheese. No cure here like the recipe for mamidipanda perugu pachadi (sweet mango yogurt chutney) from South India that I published yesterday. You can add pomegranate seeds for a touch of color and crunch. But it’s purely optional.

Chilled mango raita is light, refreshing, moisturizing, healthy and nutritious and ideal for thali or daily meals. You can serve it as a refreshing side dish to any spicy rice or biryani. On a hot day, ripe mango dishes like aam ka raita, mango firni and aam ki lassi are like manna from heaven. Try this culinary gem this summer.

Aam ka raita

Other recipes for Indian mango dishes can be found on the blog.

How to make a mango raita or aam ka raita….

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