Bacon is an amazing ingredient that adds a whole new level of flavor to just about any meal. But along with that comes a whole lot of fat and calories you don’t need. And if you’re not careful, it can add up to a pretty hefty bill. So, what’s the quickest way to save money and save bacon? It’s simple: stop buying the packaged stuff. Instead, buy the real thing, cooked from scratch, and save yourself a lot of time and money in the process.

Everyone knows that if you want to do your grocery shopping on a budget, it’s best to buy in bulk. Buying in bulk cuts the per-unit costs of what you buy, which means you can buy more for less. And if you buy in bulk, you save time on the checkout line. But buying in bulk can sometimes be a hassle. Most bulk foods tend to have their own packaging, which makes it hard to get them all home at once, which means you’re stuck carrying a bunch of bags around.

If you live near a Whole Foods Market store, you can grab your next serving of bacon straight from the breakfast bar with this clever and easy trick:

  • Just stop by the prepared foods section of the Whole Foods Market during breakfast (usually between 8 and 10:30 am).
  • Fill the shipping container with pre-cooked bacon.

Since payment is by the pound and cooked bacon weighs less than raw, this is a surprisingly cheap way to buy bacon!

End of thigh : The cost of participation may vary from store to store, as some stores charge per slice of bacon.

It’s amazing how much bacon you can buy for $5! It’s quick, cheap, and best of all, it doesn’t leave grease stains to clean up in the kitchen!

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