Although it’s nothing new, we missed the excitement of last time, so we thought it was time for Taco Bell’s roasted cheddar chalupa.

While the website of Taco Bell prefers ridiculously long stories on product pages that are not really relevant to the subject, fortunately I found a description that was hidden in last year’s press release :

Taco Bell took a spicy cheddar that had been maturing for 6 months and roasted it over a basin of cult chalupa to create a crispy blanket with a flavor and texture that opens up a whole new experience. As with the classic chalupas, you can choose from grilled cheddar chalupas, spiced beef, chicken or steak, followed by chopped lettuce, diced tomatoes, grated cheddar and low-fat sour cream.

About 6 weeks ago I closed for the boring new menu of Taco Bell and their half-destructed attempt to make a new product with the Grand Stacker. I thought the days of innovation and Wakkah concepts were over at Taco Bell, but my faith in humanity was restored after they returned the fried cheddar boat.

As part of a $5 box of hard shell tacos, a cinnamon twist and a medium drink, chalupa cheddar toast, chalupa cheddar toast is sold in my area for about $3.89 when bought alone. So the box is clearly the way forward.

The Chalupa itself has long been my favorite. Being a deep-fried cake, it transforms a normal taco into a luxurious dish that will take your meal to an unforgettable level. The nourishing, thick texture of the cakes makes you feel like you’re eating a packet of themed tacos instead of the standard tacos. Throw yourself into the crispy texture of this flat baked bread and your mouth will thank you.

The grilled cheddar chalupa takes a standard impeccable bowl and then grills the cheddar outside. Some people say the cheese has been matured for six months, but I don’t think the average TB customer cares. Some predict that the simple addition of cheese will not do much good, but anyone looking for Italian herbs and cheese in the subway knows how much these milk residues can do.

When we roll out the high quality film, we see that the chalupa is in one of the top shells of the Taco Bell. At least this time the product is very similar to the promotional material. If you look at the body of the TCC, you can see that in the outer layers cheese is cooked in varying degrees of waves.

When I bit him, I had a horn with a lot of texture in my mouth. Grilled cheddar has added an extra crispy, crispy crust, which has increased the apparent unsaturation. The fact that these pieces of texture are cheese and improve the taste is just a sauce on a sponge. It is difficult to really express the nature of God in this bowl without eating it. Add hot, cheeky beef, lots of sour cream, lettuce, chopped tomatoes and chopped cheese – and you’ll soon have a delicious Mexican treat.

It has something to do with the nature of umami when a baker experiences a dozen different textures, temperatures and flavors in the mouth at the same time. The Toasted Cheddar Chalupa did it for me by taking one of my favorite Taco Bell tracks and making it much better. It almost makes me forget the Grand Stacker experience. Almost.

Take one while you still can.

Fried Chalupa Taco Bell Cheddar: 9/10

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