This recipe is for a hot chocolate recipe that is made in the slow cooker. I have made this a few times already and it is very good! The only thing I would change is the serving size. I would like to make this recipe for 2 people instead of 4. So maybe I will look for a smaller crock pot to cook in. I also think I will make this recipe again for Valentines Day.

If you’re looking for the perfect keto friendly hot chocolate recipe then you’re in the right place. The main ingredients for this delicious keto friendly hot chocolate is: Cocoa powder (Cocoa is the main ingredient for hot chocolate), unsweetened almond milk, and Stevia.

Warm up with this delicious keto hot chocolate!

As the fall and winter season arrives, I have two wishes: Soups and hot chocolate. Everyone seems to love the rich, creamy chocolate in every sip.

Fortunately, keto hot chocolate is very easy to make with just a few ingredients. So get out your Crock-Pot, take 5 minutes to prepare it and let it work its magic. Yes, your slow cooker is not just for cooking anymore!

Tips for the hips:

  • You should buy a milk mixer! It produces a thick lather in seconds.

Everyone loves rich, creamy hot chocolate, and they’ll appreciate that it’s low in carbs.

I added heavy whipping cream to this recipe to make it creamier. It’s the perfect hot drink to put on the table for the whole family.

offers: 6 SERVICES

Preparation time : 5 MINUTES

Cooking time : 30 MINUTES

Total time : 35 MINUTES

A rich, creamy, low-carb hot chocolate made in large batches with just a few ingredients in the Crock-Pot slow-cooker.


Place all ingredients in the Crock-Pot and whisk to combine.


Turn the slow-cooker on low and whisk occasionally until the chocolate chips are melted. Bring to a warm temperature and serve when ready.


Top with homemade whipped cream and add mint extract if desired. Have fun!

Demand: 6 cups, serving size: 1 cup
Amount per serving:
250 calories | 21 g fat | 26 g total carbohydrates | 15 g fiber | 6 g sugar | 3 g protein | 5 g net carbs

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Don’t be put off by the high total carbs!

Fiber and erythritol (Swerve’s main ingredient) don’t have the same effect on blood sugar as normal carbs, so we subtracted them from the total carbs. You will see that after removing the sugar alcohols and fiber, the net amount of carbohydrates is significantly reduced.

It’s the perfect treat for cold nights.

Head to the kitchen to make this incredibly delicious drink in the slow cooker. Repeat this operation throughout the winter!

Do you need caffeine? Try our Pumpkin Spice Keto Latte.

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