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Mint Mimosas with sugar cane

Mint Mimosas with sugar cane

Mint Mimosas with sugar cane

This mint mimosa with a festive sugar cane topping is the perfect festive cocktail for your festive brunch.

You were wondering what to do with all that candy for Christmas. I guess it’s a good way to go.

This mint mimosa will decorate your Christmas or holiday brunch with its beautiful pink color and candy.

The taste of mint is refreshing, and the mint vodka gives a hint of pink.

You can even make your own vodka from sugar cane! It is not difficult, even if it takes some time to pour the vodka and sugar cane. The result is a beautiful bright red vodka that can be used in many holiday drinks, including this one.

Where can I buy vodka with mint or sugar cane?

If you go to a liquor store, you are sure to find different brands of sweet mint or reed vodka. Smirnoff has one called Mint Twist.

If you can’t find it or if you just want to try it yourself, it’s not that hard to make a batch of cane vodka with just a few ingredients. Here’s the recipe and how to taste it.

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How to make mint mimosa

With this recipe you can make 2 cocktails, because it’s more fun to drink holiday cocktails with friends!

Start by crushing a sugar cane into small pieces. You can do this by putting a sugar cane in a plastic bag and crush it with something – I use a meat hammer.

Pour the pieces into the plate. Massage a little vodka with your finger and let the edges of the champagne glass soak. Roll the edges into candies and put them to one side.

To make this cocktail, just pour an ounce of vodka into each champagne glass and fill your selection with champagne or prosecco.

Don’t forget to add sugar cane for side dishes!


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Preparation time: 5 minutes

Total time: 5 minutes

This mint mimosa with a festive sugar cane topping is the perfect festive cocktail for your festive brunch.


  • 6 ounces of vodka, separated
  • 1 bottle of champagne or Italian wine
  • 7 sugar cane


  1. Crush a sugar cane in a plastic bag into small pieces. Translate to plate. Immerse the edge of the champagne glass and roll it into candy.
  2. Put an ounce of mint vodka in each glass. Add champagne or Italian wine. Add barley sugar to side dishes

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